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Starfleet Task Force 1 – A Star Trek Online Federation Fleet

Greetings captain and welcome to the Starfleet Task Force 1 website. Starfleet Task Force 1 is a Star Trek Online Federation Fleet that was formed on star date 91063.13 (16 June 2013) and has grown to almost 500 members. Our members are from all corners of the world and of all walks of life. Our facilities include a Tier IV Starbase and a fully upgraded Dilithium Mine.

Starfleet Task Force 1 operates in a “no pressure” environment; it is our goal that Fleet Personnel have fun playing Star Trek Online first and foremost. Starfleet Task Force 1 completely understands that the real-world comes first. This is the core tenant of Starfleet Task Force 1 and our sister Klingon Defense Force Fleet, The House of Martok.

For those starship captains that want more out of their fleet and are looking to join our command ranks, we have opportunities for you too. Our Fleet Promotion System gives members several opportunities to join our command ranks by Fleet Holding contributions and participating in our Fleet Departments, which include Command, Operations, and Tactical; giving you several opportunities advance within the fleet and to help mold Starfleet Task Force 1 into one of the strongest Federation fleets in the galaxy.

Starfleet Task Force 1 is currently recruiting both new and veteran players; if you are a casual or hardcore gamer; if you enjoy PvP or PvE, we have a place in our ranks for you. If you are new to Star Trek Online, our friendly and diverse fleet is more than willing and able to help you along the way and get the most out of your gaming experience.

To boldly go and become a member of Starfleet Task Force 1, we ask that you register on this website so that you can gain access to our guides, forums, duty officer store, Fleet Provisions, and much, much more.

Join today and begin exploring strange, new worlds with Starfleet Task Force 1.

Fleet Admiral Winters
Maintenance Release Notes: 25 April, 2014
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 3 hours ago
Yep, more maintenance for Season 9. As usual, it will occur at 7am PDT and is expected to last for two hours.

For patch notes, click here.

170 Million EC Fleet Competition
0 Comments · 5 hours ago
Priority One Communication from Starfleet Command  

Greetings Captains:

It is with great pleasure that the Starfleet Task Force One Senior Staff announces our next Fleet wide contest. Starting on May 8, 2014 all Fleet Members with the Fleet Rank of Captain and below (yes, that excludes Vice Admirals, Admirals and the Fleet Admiral only) will be entered and will be eligible for their chance to win their share of over 170 million Energy Credits worth of prizes, including a Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort and four (4) Fleet Ship Modules.

The Prizes  

Here are the items up for grabs:

  • Grand Prize: Choice of Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort or 4 Fleet Ship Modules - Winner's Pick*
  • First Prize: Choice of Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort or 4 Fleet Ship Modules - Remaining Item*
  • Second Prize: 250 Contraband or Aegis Set (shield, deflector dish and impulse engine) - Second Place Pick**
  • Third Prize: 250 Contraband or Aegis Set (shield, deflector dish and impulse engine) - Remaining Item**
  • Fourth Prize: Aegis Set (shield, deflector dish and impulse engine)
  • Fifth Prize: 1 Fleet Ship Module
  • Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Prize: 5, 4, 3 or 2 Lockbox Keys respectively

Here's where the (*) is explained: Now, you might be wondering how the Grand Prize and First Prize can get the same things; well, the Grand Prize winner of this contest gets to pick either the Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort or the Fleet Ship Modules. The first prize winner, will get the unselected item. (**) Second prize winner has a choice of either 250 Contraband or an Aegis Set. Third prize winner will get the unselected item. 

Contest Rules  

The contest rules are simple, donate to Dilithium, Duty Officers, and/or replicatable items to the Fleet Holdings’ Upgrade Projects during the contest time (sorry, fleet marks will not be available to donate during this contest) for your chance at one of the above stated items. All Fleet Members will be automatically entered into the contest when it starts, and your current overall contributions will be marked. At the end of the contest, we will take your contributions and calculate the winners. We estimate that this project will run at least two (2) weeks depending on how many Fleet Members contribute during the contest time frame.

A Special Thank You  

We would like to extend a special thank you to Vice Admiral Ben for his generous donation of the five (5) Fleet Ship Modules. We would also like to thank Admiral Garen for donating two (2) complete Aegis Sets, Admiral Collins for donating the Lockbox Keys and Vice Admiral Freeman for his donation of the Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort .

The Not So Small Print  

Now, as mentioned before, the prizes total over 170 million Energy Credits and there was even some real money involved as well. With that being said, we do have a small and completely doable goal that we need to meet to consider the Grand and First Prize awards. What we are looking for is at least 20 fleet members contributing 50,000 worth of donations to this contest, totaling 1,000,000 fleet credits worth of donations. We have tried to make it fair to those who participate in the contest, the people that donated the awesome prizes and the fleet as a whole. With your help, we can make this happen and you can walk away with some nice prizes. 

Thank you in advance for your participation and good luck!

Maintenance Release Notes: 24 April, 2014
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · Yesterday at 9:20 PM
Yes, there will be maintenance on Thursday, for the third day running!

It is at 7am PDT and is expected to last for two hours. Patch notes can be found here.

Facebook Competition Winner
Winters@winters83 0 Comments · Yesterday at 8:17 PM
A big congratulations to Olin@kaykalor who was our winner for the recent Facebook Competition. We will run this competition again in the future and hopefully reach our goal of 150 likes. Well done again to Olin@kaykalor

Maintenance Release Notes: 23 April, 2014
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 2 days ago
Further maintenance for Season 9 will occur Wednesday 23 April at 7am PDT. It is expected to last for two hours. 

Patch notes can be found here.

Maintenance Release Notes: 22 April, 2014
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 3 days ago
The maintenance for Season 9 will occur at 6am PDT. It is expected to last four hours.

Patch notes are substantial and can be found here.

S9: Dev Blog #19: Undine Lock Box
0 Comments · 3 days ago
When first encountered in the Delta Quadrant, the Undine (known then by their Borg designation Species 8472) were already embroiled in a war with the Collective, which was sparked by a Borg invasion of the alternate dimension known as Fluidic Space.

The Undine's strange, organic "bioships" were capable of destroying entire planets, giving them power which outmatched even the Borg. Faced with destruction, the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager was forced to make a temporary alliance with the Collective just to survive...

S9: Dev Blog #18: Undine Lock Box and Lobi Ships
0 Comments · 3 days ago
Undine Bioships are a complicated combination of organic tissues, engineered and grown for the specific purpose of serving as warships for the Undine fleet. Although originally designed to be manned and flown by as little as a single Undine pilot, the internal systems of every bioship available for use by Alpha Quadrant species have undergone extensive modifications. While these modifications have made larger crew compliments a necessity, they have also done away with the need for the ship’s pilot to have powerful psionic capabilities, or for the interior of the vessel to be flooded with bioplasma, thus allowing even Humans, Klingons and Romulans to fly these complex organic starships.

S9: Dev Blog #17: Viscous Cycle
0 Comments · 4 days ago
With the growing threat of Planet Killers coming from Fluidic space, Admiral Tuvok has authorized a plan to assault at the shipyards that are building these Planet Killers and launching them into normal space.

This strike is referred to as Operation: Viscous Cycle. It refers to the viscous nature of Fluidic space and the cycle of growing and launching Planet Killers from their well-defended shipyards. Intelligence divisions in Starfleet, the KDF, as well as the Romulan Republic have shared information and determined how to best destroy these Planet Killers while in their growing Proto state...

New Weekly Doff Sale Now Posted
Garen@sonik8 0 Comments · 5 days ago
Greetings Fleet,

This weeks new Doff sale is now posted, 37 blues and 7 purples are now available for FREE.
Use the direct sale link below, or see The Doff Store forum under the Fleet Services link for sale listings and make your requests.

If you are looking for Klingon aligned duty officers, please see our affiliate, The Doff Market on The House of Martok.


The Doff Store - Direct Sale Link

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Lear@alchevsk1992 21st Apr
Season 3 episode 8, Twilight, was the episode where Tucker became Captain after archer was infected with Interspatial parasites which prevented him from forming new long-term memories...
Lear@alchevsk1992 21st Apr
um Jaecyn, that was Trip's son Lorian who become Captain after archer was dead...
Jaecyn@jaecyn 21st Apr
Season 3 Episode 21, E^2. It might be more accurate to say, "Archer was dead" than "Archer died."
Lear@alchevsk1992 20th Apr
what episode was is it that archer died in?
Jaecyn@jaecyn 19th Apr
Well... Trip was Captain of the Enterprise after Archer died in Enterprise. Does that count?
Lear@alchevsk1992 19th Apr
man i wished Star Trek Enterprise continued.. Season 5, 6, 7, etc
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 19th Apr
I can faintly hear the sounds of Admiral Winters gently sobbing into his double-face-palm
Lear@alchevsk1992 19th Apr
and Spock he was Captain as well
Lear@alchevsk1992 19th Apr
lol I forgot about Sulu...
Winters@winters83 18th Apr
Were they the main Captain in any of the 5 T.V. series? 6381
Jaecyn@jaecyn 18th Apr
Every one of the Captains I mention actually were Captains at one point on screen.
two@Cryptiecop 18th Apr
My shore leave was cancelled by Admiral Winters...I call shenannigans !!
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