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Starfleet Task Force 1 – A Star Trek Online Federation Fleet

Greetings captain and welcome to the Starfleet Task Force 1 website. Starfleet Task Force 1 is a Star Trek Online Federation Fleet that was formed on star date 91063.13 (16 June 2013) and has grown to almost 300 members. Our members are from all corners of the world and of all walks of life. Our facilities include a Tier IV Starbase and a fully upgraded Dilithium Mine.

Starfleet Task Force 1 operates in a “no pressure” environment; it is our goal that Fleet Personnel have fun playing Star Trek Online first and foremost. Starfleet Task Force 1 completely understands that the real-world comes first. This is the core tenant of Starfleet Task Force 1 and our sister Klingon Defense Force Fleet, The House of Martok.

For those starship captains that want more out of their fleet and are looking to join our command ranks, we have opportunities for you too. Our Fleet Promotion System gives members several opportunities to join our command ranks by Fleet Holding contributions and participating in our Fleet Departments, which include Command, Operations, and Tactical; giving you several opportunities advance within the fleet and to help mold Starfleet Task Force 1 into one of the strongest Federation fleets in the galaxy.

Starfleet Task Force 1 is currently recruiting both new and veteran players; if you are a casual or hardcore gamer; if you enjoy PvP or PvE, we have a place in our ranks for you. If you are new to Star Trek Online, our friendly and diverse fleet is more than willing and able to help you along the way and get the most out of your gaming experience.

To boldly go and become a member of Starfleet Task Force 1, we ask that you register on this website so that you can gain access to our guides, forums, duty officer store, Fleet Provisions, and much, much more.

Join today and begin exploring strange, new worlds with Starfleet Task Force 1.

Fleet Admiral Winters
Adventure Zone Rewards Update
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 1 day ago

QuoteWith the release of Season 9.5, all repeatable missions in the Borg Invasion of Defera, the Tholian Incursion of Nukara, the New Romulus Adventure Zone, and the Solanae Dyson Sphere Adventure Zones will reward Dilithium Ore in addition to their normal rewards.

Maintenance 22 July 2014
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 2 days ago
There will be a patch this Tuesday at 7am PDT. Downtime is expected to be two hours. The patch is to fix some of the issues arising with S9.5, including the DOFF UI.

Patch notes can be found here.

Season 9.5 Live/Dev Blog #30
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 6 days ago
Season 9.5 is now live. It includes a new Xindi lock box, a new crafting system and new Odyssey and Bortasqu uniforms.

Release notes for Season 9.5 can be found here.

Development Blog 30 for Season 9, about the new uniforms, can be found here.

Tier V Starbase Upgrade Project Now Online
0 Comments · 14th Jul
Greetings Fleet!

Starfleet Task Force 1 would like to announce that the Tier V Starbase Upgrade Project is now online and awaiting contributions. 

Our main focus will still be to work on the Science and Engineering Starbase Projects first, but now we will have a big project online that will give you ample opportunity to earn fleet credits which you can then spend on some awesome fleet gear (we have all fleet gear unlocked with the exception of Elite Hanger Pets and Elite Fleet Phasers).

This is a great achievement to be running this project just after our 1 year anniversary.

Please feel free to warp to the Fleet Starbase to take a look at what we are working toward.  It is through your hard work that we are able to work on this upgrade and we hope that you'll enjoy it once it's complete!  Soon you'll be able to say you're a member of a Tier V Fleet!

Thank you,
- The Command Department

STOFA Team PVP Tournament Update
1 Comments · 13th Jul
STOFA Team PVP Tournament Update

Greetings fleet,

Time for a STOFA Team PVP Tournament Update. 

Weird Verbs made up of the outstanding Captain Jaecyn and awesome Vice Admiral Syfar from Starfleet Task Force 1 have made it to the finals
They will face team Team Alpha from Liberty Task Force for 1st place!

The remaining matchup for 3rd place will consist of the remaining 2 teams from Starfleet Task Force 1Super Troopers consisting of ship building master Captain Two (Cryptiecop) and our illustrious leader Fleet Admiral Winters will face The Debacalypse with the renowned Captain Ba'ina and The Doff Man, Admiral Garen.

While we might not have gotten the clean sweep of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd that we wanted, our fleet has still done very well in this PVP tournament with 3 teams finishing in the top 4.  Congratulations to everyone involved!

Now let's cheer for the Weird Verbs to take home 1st place!

Let's Go Starfleet Task Force 1!!!

13th Jul two@Cryptiecop
Task Force 1 showed three of the top four PvP teams for this tournament, so that in itself says a lot for our fleet's PvP team abilities considering who we were up against. Well done everyone !!!
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Tier V Shipyard Complete
0 Comments · 11th Jul
The fleet would like to proudly announce that we have now completed the Tier V Shipyard upgrade.  This means that we now have access to all available Federation aligned ships in the game.

This is a great accomplishment and we are well on our way to completing the Tier V Starbase as we progress onward with the Industrial Fabricator (Engineering) and Communications Array (Science).

Please enjoy the access to these great new Fleet ships and congratulations on helping our fleet complete this upgrade!

-The Command Department

Maintenance 10 July 2014
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 10th Jul
Maintenance as usual will occur at 7am Pacific Time (PDT) and is expected to last for three hours

Patch notes consist of:


  • Resolved a number of issues causing crashes within the Foundry System.Foundry functions will be turned back on.

New Weekly Doff Sale Now Posted
Garen@sonik8 0 Comments · 4th Jul
Greetings Fleet,

This weeks new Doff sale is now posted, 34 blues and 4 purples are now available for FREE.
Use the direct sale link below, or see
The Doff Store forum under the Fleet Services link for sale listings and make your requests.

If you are looking for Klingon aligned duty officers, please see our affiliate, The Doff Market on The House of Martok.

Please note that The Doff Store will be closed from July 15 to July 25 inclusive as we are upgrading our doff transport vessels and inventory system to serve you better.


The Doff Store - Direct Sale Link

STOFA Team PVP Tournament Update
2 Comments · 3rd Jul

STOFA Team PVP Tournament Update

Greetings fleet,

Time for a STOFA Team PVP Tournament Update. 
You will be glad to know that 3 teams from Starfleet Task Force 1 have made it into the semi-finals.

The following Task Force 1 teams are left in the tournament:
Super Troopers - consisting of Captain Two (Cryptiecop) and Fleet Admiral Winters
Weird Verbs - made up of Captain Jaecyn and Vice Admiral Syfar
The Debacalypse - with Captain Ba'ina and Admiral Garen

The remaining Non-Task Force 1 team is Team Alpha from Liberty Task Force.
This means that Starfleet Task Force 1 is guaranteed to have at least 2 teams finish in the top 3 of the tournament.

Congratulations to all participants and let's cheer for our Task Force 1 fleet members to make it a clean sweep and take all 3 top spots in the tournament!

Let's Go Starfleet Task Force 1!!!

4th Jul Jaecyn@jaecyn
Wow guys! Great job in there! Let's go for the sweep!
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4th Jul two@Cryptiecop
Task Force 1 will dominate all competition !!!
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S9 Dev Blogs 28 & 29: Crafting Part 2 and Clusters
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 3rd Jul
Development  Blog #28 is the second part of the series of blogs about forthcoming changes to Crafting and R&D. You can find it here.

Development Blog #29 informs us that the exploration clusters in the game will be removed in Season 9.5 and why. Some of the content will be moved to the currently adjoining sector of space.

QuoteDuty officer assignments that previous took place inside these Exploration Cluster sector maps can now be accessed from a landmark in the neighboring sector.  For example, Delta Volanis colonization missions can now be obtained from a Delta Volanis Exploration Cluster interactive object in the Vulcan sector of the Sirius sector block.
See here.

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