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Your ship is receiving mass casualties while under attack. Members of your Senior Staff are seriously injured in sick bay. Which Medical Officer do you trust to save the day and everyone's lives?
Julian Bashir 8

Christine Chapel 0

Beverly Crusher 3

Phlox 4

Leonard McCoy 10

Alyssa Ogawa 1

The Doctor 21

Katherine Pulaski 1

48 votes
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Anniversary Ship - Kobali Samsar Cruiser!
0 Comments · 15 hours ago
With our Anniversary right around the corner, we're excited to announce the arrival of the T6 Kobali Samsar! Get yours for participating in the Anniversary Event!

Kobali Samsar Cruiser!

Star Trek Online's Five Year Anniversary!
0 Comments · 15 hours ago
Star Trek Online mark a date of five years of live operations is a cause for celebration unlike any other year, and this anniversary we are pulling out all the stops!

Five Year Anniversary!

15% Master Key Sale
0 Comments · 17 hours ago
Any wise Captain knows that when a sale this good comes your way, it’s best to take advantage of it. Ferengi Merchants are putting a 15% sale on Keys until February 2nd!

Master Key Sale!

Anniversary Giveaway!
0 Comments · 3 days ago
We're kicking off celebrations for Star Trek Online' 5-year Anniversary early! Next week we'll be giving out tons of free items for you to enjoy!

Check out the Anniversary!

Last Chance Lock Box Event!
0 Comments · 4 days ago
The Lobi Crystal Consortium (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quark Enterprises) has announced a new Last Chance Event, for your opportunity at the Delta Expedition Lock Box!

More information

Foundry Top Three System
0 Comments · 5 days ago
We're pleased to announce an update to the foundry making top-rated missions more easily available for Captains, coming with our new Anniversary update this month!

Click here for more information!

Shard Maintenence Jan. 22, 2015
0 Comments · 5 days ago
Cryptic will be performing their weekly server maintenance, estimated downtime is 2.5 hours.

  • Server stability updates. 
Known Issues:
  • Numerous uniform clipping issues with the Talaxian Dress Uniform, Female Odyssey uniforms with collars, and Female Khan Upper piece.

Anniversary: Personal Log Part 2
0 Comments · 6 days ago
Starfleet Intelligence intercepted another transmission! This latest log comes from Hanchon, regarding a cruiser named the Samsar. See what you can decipher, Captains!

Click Here For Part 2

Romulan Mystery Update
0 Comments · 20th Jan
With our Anniversary Event right around the corner, we have a fully updated rework of the Romulan Mystery series for players to enjoy.

Mystery Information

Secondary Deflectors
0 Comments · 19th Jan
Keeping in line with technological updates of the U.S.S. Rhode Island and the U.S.S. Voyager, we're pleased to announce the arrival of Secondary Deflectors!

Read more into Secondary deflectors here!

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Winters@winters83 25th Jan
Welcome to the Fleet Kris! Don't forget that we also have "The House of Martok" our KDF Fleet.
-krisfox15- 24th Jan
thank you for the invite to stf1
Lear@alchevsk1992 20th Jan
it seems that i was missing the "directx" thing on my computer, which probably why it just stayed frozen on the Cryptic Loading Screen yesterday. :|
De Ruyter@sig442 20th Jan
I just did login, no problems for me so far. :o
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