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Starfleet Task Force 1 – A Star Trek Online Federation Fleet

Greetings captain and welcome to the Starfleet Task Force 1 website. Starfleet Task Force 1 is a Star Trek Online Federation Fleet that was formed on star date 91063.13 (16 June 2013) and has grown to almost 500 members. Our members are from all corners of the world and of all walks of life. Our facilities include a Tier IV Starbase and a fully upgraded Dilithium Mine.

Starfleet Task Force 1 operates in a “no pressure” environment; it is our goal that Fleet Personnel have fun playing Star Trek Online first and foremost. Starfleet Task Force 1 completely understands that the real-world comes first. This is the core tenant of Starfleet Task Force 1 and our sister Klingon Defense Force Fleet, The House of Martok.

For those starship captains that want more out of their fleet and are looking to join our command ranks, we have opportunities for you too. Our Fleet Promotion System gives members several opportunities to join our command ranks by Fleet Holding contributions and participating in our Fleet Departments, which include Command, Operations, and Tactical; giving you several opportunities advance within the fleet and to help mold Starfleet Task Force 1 into one of the strongest Federation fleets in the galaxy.

Starfleet Task Force 1 is currently recruiting both new and veteran players; if you are a casual or hardcore gamer; if you enjoy PvP or PvE, we have a place in our ranks for you. If you are new to Star Trek Online, our friendly and diverse fleet is more than willing and able to help you along the way and get the most out of your gaming experience.

To boldly go and become a member of Starfleet Task Force 1, we ask that you register on this website so that you can gain access to our guides, forums, duty officer store, Fleet Provisions, and much, much more.

Join today and begin exploring strange, new worlds with Starfleet Task Force 1.

Fleet Admiral Winters
New Weekly Doff Sale Now Posted
Garen@sonik8 0 Comments · 15 hours ago
Greetings Fleet,

This weeks new Doff sale is now posted, 37 blues and 7 purples are now available for FREE.
Use the direct sale link below, or see The Doff Store forum under the Fleet Services link for sale listings and make your requests.

If you are looking for Klingon aligned duty officers, please see our affiliate, The Doff Market on The House of Martok.


The Doff Store - Direct Sale Link

Star Trek Online Fleet Alliance
0 Comments · 1 day ago
Greetings Fleet,

Starfleet Task Force 1 has joined a Fleet Alliance called STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Alliance) which consists of Starfleet Task Force 1, The House of Martok, Liberty Task Force, and Sigma Task Group.

The idea behind this Alliance is to assist in getting groups together for PvE’s/STF’s and PvP matches. It is not intended as a social channel and we will still be using K-7 as our main channel for communicating.

As with everything in Starfleet Task Force 1, this Alliance is not going to be forced upon any member. If for any reason you feel that you do not wish to join the Alliance chat channel then no member will be forced to.

If you wish to join the Alliance chat channel then simply copy and paste this code into the chat box in-game and hit enter.

Code to copy and paste-------->   /channel_join STOFA

Since STOFA is essentially a public channel, Task Force 1 or House of Martok is not responsible for the actions of other Alliance members.  However, the same rules and expectations of conduct that apply to our members using K-7 and Fleet chat channels will apply to the STOFA channel as well.  Article 14 of the Task Force 1 Fleet Rules will apply to the STOFA channel.

If you have any questions regarding this Alliance please feel free to contact Fleet Admiral Winters or any of the Senior Officers in the Fleet.


The Command Department

S9: Dev Blog #16: Undine vs. Borg Story Arc
1 Comments · 2 days ago
With Season 9: A New Accord, we are excited to announce that we have gone back and reworked the Borg and Undine story arcs, combining previous episodes into one arc of four episodes. Some episodes were removed (“State of Q” and “Light in the Dark” ) and other episodes were combined into one (“Collateral Damage” and “Asset Recovery” were combined into the new episode “A Gathering Darkness” ).

We have added voice acting throughout the series, including the voice talent of Star Trek: Voyager star Tim Russ as Tuvok in “Fluid Dynamics.” We have also updated the episodes, fixed a number of bugs, and improved pacing and flow...

2 days ago Winters@winters83
Will definitely be playing these new missions to see what they are like! :)
Maintenance April 17th 2014
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 0 Comments · 2 days ago
Maintenance will occur as usual today at 7am PDT. It is expected to last 2 hours and there are no patch notes.

S9 Dev Blog #15: Surface Tension
0 Comments · 3 days ago
While Admiral Tuvok remains a leading voice for joint action against the Undine threat, others in the Federation are more focused on keeping control of the Jenolan Sphere. The Klingon Empire remains dubious of the Federation's stance on the Undine and is eyeing the Jenolan sphere as territory to be conquered for the glory of the Empire. The leaders of the Romulan Republic are maneuvering to position themselves as the lead administrators of this sphere as well, a move that will secure their people's future in the galaxy.

With many agendas fighting for control, Admiral Tuvok needs the aid of his allies to help quell tensions and to guide the summit. Players will team up with Admiral Tuvok to try to bring the factions together to face this new threat, but that might be even harder to do than anyone thinks...

S9 Dev Blog #14: Raider Upgrades
0 Comments · 4 days ago
Back in December we hinted at some imminent improvements for Klingon Raiders in the 2013 Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider (2013’s Winter Event Ship!) blog.  I’m here today to give you more specifics on the improvements we’ll be making and which ships they will affect. 

Improvements for raiders come in three parts: Raider Flanking, Increased Hull Hit Points and Improved Ambush damage.  The reasoning behind these changes is that we didn’t feel that Raiders were living up to their designed role of stealthy assassins.  Raiders have the stealthy part down, but we felt they were missing the “assassin” part.  We wanted to play this up a bit by allowing strategic gameplay to be a means of delivering increased burst damage.

S9 Dev Blogs 12 & 13: Undine Rep and ESD
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 1 Comments · 5 days ago
Season 9 Development Blogs 12 & 13 have come out in short succession. They cover, respectively, the new Undine Rep System and the Re-design of Earth Space Dock .

You can read Dev Blog 12 about the Undine Rep System here.

You can read Dev Blog 13 about the re-design of ESD here.

5 days ago Lear@alchevsk1992
Holy personal armor... I like it!
Last Chance Promo for the Hirogen Lock Box
0 Comments · 5 days ago
The Lobi Crystal Consortium (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quark Enterprises) has announced that they are no longer going to be offering the Hirogen Lock Box as in-game drops and rewards as of Tuesday, April 22, 2014. Now’s your opportunity to open one of these boxes for a chance at some spectacular prizes.

New Weekly Doff Sale Now Posted
Garen@sonik8 0 Comments · 11th Apr
Greetings Fleet,

This weeks new Doff sale is now posted, 41 blues and 7 purples are now available for FREE.Use the direct sale link below, or see The Doff Store forum under the Fleet Services link for sale listings and make your requests.

If you are looking for Klingon aligned duty officers, please see our affiliate, The Doff Market on The House of Martok.


The Doff Store - Direct Sale Link

Fleet Website Updates
0 Comments · 11th Apr
Fleet Website - Character Profiles Now Available

We have added character profile fields for you to input character information for up to 3 of your characters.

Things such as Character Name, Faction, Career, Species, Character Level, Ship Type, Ship Name and Registration can all be inserted.  Now you can showcase all of the hard work that you have put into your characters and help your fleet mates get to know you better!

You can insert this character information by mousing over the “My Center” button located on the main menu bar and clicking on “Edit Profile”. From there simply click on “My Profile” which is located on the left side of the screen.

We would also like to ask members to update their “Usernames” on the website to include their in game @handle. This makes it easier to identify members accounts on the website with their characters in-game. This will help us to keep your website profiles updated with the awards and fleet ranks that you have earned since your in-game @handle will match your website username!

Thank you,

The Command Department

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Lear@alchevsk1992 1:28 AM
i think so
Jaecyn@jaecyn 9:21 PM
Well... Trip was Captain of the Enterprise after Archer died in Enterprise. Does that count?
Lear@alchevsk1992 12:51 PM
man i wished Star Trek Enterprise continued.. Season 5, 6, 7, etc
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 12:31 PM
I can faintly hear the sounds of Admiral Winters gently sobbing into his double-face-palm
Lear@alchevsk1992 19th Apr
and Spock he was Captain as well
Lear@alchevsk1992 19th Apr
lol I forgot about Sulu...
Winters@winters83 18th Apr
Were they the main Captain in any of the 5 T.V. series? 6381
Jaecyn@jaecyn 18th Apr
Every one of the Captains I mention actually were Captains at one point on screen.
two@Cryptiecop 18th Apr
My shore leave was cancelled by Admiral Winters...I call shenannigans !!
@ajm1067 (McVittie) 17th Apr
Sulu appeared in Voyager and Undiscovered Country as Captain of The Excelsior.
Lear@alchevsk1992 16th Apr
well they haven't been made captain in movies only in novels and such. Well except Riker who became captain at the end of Nemesis
Jaecyn@jaecyn 14th Apr
For that matter, where's Worf, Pike, Crusher, La Forge, Kim, T'Pol, Scott, Riker, and Tucker. They're all from the shows and all were made Captain!
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