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Your ship is receiving mass casualties while under attack. Members of your Senior Staff are seriously injured in sick bay. Which Medical Officer do you trust to save the day and everyone's lives?
Julian Bashir 8

Christine Chapel 0

Beverly Crusher 3

Phlox 4

Leonard McCoy 7

Alyssa Ogawa 1

The Doctor 20

Katherine Pulaski 0

43 votes
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50% off costumes!
0 Comments · 1 hour ago
Some Captains are cut from a different cloth. These players know that to be a respected captain, you can’t just act the part – you have to look it too.

Get your costume

Upgrade System
0 Comments · 2 days ago
Greetings to all members of Task Force 1,

I wanted to take a little time and pass on some interesting information on the R&D System and in particular "Upgrading" items and gear. A number of Senior Officers in the Fleet and myself have been doing a lot of research into the R&D and Upgrading Systems. The main goal is to determine the most cost effective way to upgrade gear or the most economical way.

One of the first things i would like to mention is "Tech Upgrades". Many of you will already be aware that "Superior Tech Upgrades" are the way to go. A single Superior Tech Upgrade gives 12,800 Tech Points compared to an Improved which only gives 5,000 and a Basic which gives 2,000.

If we take a piece of gear that has 12,800 tech points for example then it is easy to see that only 1 "Superior Tech Upgrade" is needed. To apply this upgrade it "will" cost 1,075 Dil. If we use Improved Tech Upgrades then the same piece of gear will need a total of 3 Improved Tech Upgrades for a total cost of 2,850 Dil. Taking the same piece of gear will require 7 Basic Tech Upgrades for a total cost of 4,900 Dil.

From these numbers it is easy to see that Improved Tech Upgrades essentially cost 3 times more to use and Basic Tech Upgrades essentially cost 5 times more. This really becomes important when you start to look at the total amount of Tech points needed when upgrading all of your gear.

During the research that we done, we found that the average amount of Dilithium needed to upgrade a full space loadout from Mk XII to Mk XIV is between 300,000 and 400,000 Dilithium. This is if you are using “Superior Tech Upgrades” ONLY. It is very important to note that this is “ONLY” for a Mark upgrade, “NOT” a quality upgrade. i.e. Rare to Very Rare etc.

This does not take into account the chance that you may get a mini Crit while applying Tech Upgrades which may give a small boost to the Tech points earned. In any case, you are still "guaranteed" that "Superior Tech Upgrades" are far more economical to use.

I know that there are a number of members in the Fleet who are still working on levelling up the different schools and are currently unable to craft these Superior Tech Upgrades. I would like to point out that there are a growing number of members within the Fleet who are able to craft Superior Tech Upgrades and they are happy to help anyone by crafting these Superior Tech Upgrades for you.

I hope to find some time in the not too distant future to put a list together on the Fleet website with all members who are able and willing to craft Superior Tech Upgrades for other Fleet members. Once completed it will be included in the “Fleet Services” section of the website.

The next part of Upgrading Gear that i would like to talk about is “Quality” improvements. i.e. going from Rare to Very Rare to Ultra Rare etc.

Before starting to upgrade gear it is important to realise that “Quality” improvements are intended to be a long term goal and will be very expensive. Epic level gear is meant to be very hard to get.

To upgrade a full space loadout with a mix of Fleet and Reputation gear to Epic level, the average cost would be somewhere between 3 and 4 Million Dilithium. I should point out again that this is only for using Superior Tech Upgrades. Using any other Tech Upgrade will greatly increase the Dilithium cost even further!

To lower the Dilithium cost there is a little trick that can be used. When applying Tech Upgrades use “Major Technology Boosts” if possible. These give twice the amount of Tech points when applying Tech Upgrades and therefore cuts the Dilithium cost in half. 1 “Major Technology Boost” will be needed for each Tech Upgrade applied.

One other thing to note about Quality improvements is that Fleet gear will be far cheaper to upgrade than Reputation or Lobi gear.  Fleet gear is already Ultra Rare quality, therefore only needs to be upgraded by 1 quality level to Epic, compared to Reputation gear which will need 2 quality level upgrades to get to Epic. The Tech points requirement for Fleet gear is lower than Rep or Lobi gear. So obviously Fleet gear will need fewer Tech upgrades which means less Dilithium needed.

In a recent interview on Priority One Podcast, Jesse Heinig - Star Trek Online Game Designer confirmed that the upgrade system is meant to be a long term goal. He also pointed out that it is not necessary to have Epic Quality gear to play the game. It is only if you are aiming for the truly “Elite” content that Epic quality gear may be necessary.

During another interview Priority One Podcast talked to @mighty_bob who is a normal STO player just like you and me. @mighty_bob created a “STO Gear Upgrade Table” that can calculate the maximum amount of Dilithium it can cost to upgrade gear. Part of this spreadsheet has tables created with the exact number of Tech Points needed for all Mk levels of gear and the different qualities. It also contain a sample upgrade cost of one of his ships.

The ship that he choose to upgrade had a mix of Fleet, Reputation, Lobi Store and lockbox gear. To bring everything up to Epic quality it came close to "3 Million Dilithium". He did note that it was only an example but it was a very optimistic example. Meaning that it would likely cost more.

I hope that all of you found this helpful and hopefully it will ease the Dilithium cost when you start upgrading your gear.

One thing that wasn’t really talked about in detail was “Superior Experimental Tech Upgrades”. This is simply because we have not had the time to do any testing with them or to find out if they are viable to use. We do know that they cost “more” Dilithium to use and that they give a boost to the quality improvement chance. But since we haven’t had the time or resources to test them we don’t know how effective they are.

Below is a quick summary of what was contained in the News Post and links to the material I mentioned earlier.

  • Priority One Podcast Video Interview with @mighty_bob

All of the information contained in these mail is accurate at the time being sent

Fleet Admiral Winters

Building A Winter Wonderland
0 Comments · 11th Dec
This year, we brought a new level of art and cheer to the Winter Wonderland! Learn more about the what it took to build the Winter Wonderland event from the snow up!

Read more information here

Elachi Alert Weekend
0 Comments · 10th Dec
Attention Captains, the Elachi are pouring into the Alpha Quadrant from previously undiscovered Iconian space gates in order to abduct helpless people! We need your help!

Elachi Weekend

Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser
0 Comments · 10th Dec
Few starships are as menacing and massive as the Tier 6 Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser. For a limited time, you have a chance to grab your very own Dreadnought!

Your infor about Sheshar

Shard Maintenence Dec. 04, 2014
0 Comments · 3rd Dec
Check out the latest exciting changes to Star Trek Online in the newest release notes.

Click here for patch notes

Q's Winter Wonderland - Carrier
1 Comments · 3rd Dec
With all the exciting rewards, we're pleased to announce the new T6 Breen Sarr Theln Carrier! This intimidating ship will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!

Breen Carrier

4th Dec sara@blindnhlref1
I strike fear in enemies by showing them how I use my doffs and boffs to fuel my ship and dreams of ruling the galaxy.
Q's Winter Wonderland - Rewards!
1 Comments · 2nd Dec
Here at the Consortium we are eager to celebrate your 'hoo-man' festivities! We're pleased to announce a brand new lineup of prizes galore!

Hoo-man Rewards

3rd Dec Bear@madgus
Darn, I'll need to run this for too long in order to be able to get all the ships (including the previous years ones) on all the characters, unfortunately I'll be unable to log in from the 24th of December to the 4th of January. I think I understood that once completed the first ship on one of the characters the other characters will be able to get it for a very low amount of photos, is there a way to make more than the 40 photos a day?
Livestream of Q's Winter wonderland
0 Comments · 2nd Dec
Join CaptainSmirk for a private tour of the new Winter Wonderland brought to you by the one and only Q, to show you the scenery and the latest in Winter Fashions!

Winter Wonderland information

STO Community Podcasts Incoming!
0 Comments · 2nd Dec
The latest broadcasts are coming in across the Galactic News Network (GNN) from our brave Podcast Community Crews. Listen in as they bring you the latest updates in Trek news!

Click here for more information

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