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Crystalline Entity Event
5 hours ago · STO In-game Event · 0 Comments

Our Crystalline Entity event is coming back! For three weeks, Captains will be able to queue up to defeat the Crystalline Entity and earn tons of rewards!

For full details   Click here!

Sector Space Revamp
2 days ago · Dev Blog · 0 Comments

Captains! We're all excited to finally see the walls come down and let you guys fly around the Alpha, Beta and Delta Quadrants uninhibited.

For full details Click here!

Breaking News regarding Mr Nimoy
3 days ago · 0 Comments

Our hearts go out to Mr Nimoy's friends and family in this time of mourning, as well as to all the fans of Star Trek and the wonderful role of Dr Spock that Mr Nimoy brought to such vivid life. A wonderful actor, Mr Nimoy brought more than a single character into the worlds of Sci-Fi legend, he also brought us into the entire Vulcan culture. It's fitting that so much emotion will pour out from his fans today. Rest In Peace Mr Nimoy. You will be missed, but the friends you leave behind will always remember you, and honor your memory.

20% Ship Sale!
4 days ago · Ship Sale! · 0 Comments

From now until 10AM PST on Monday, March 2nd, 2015, we are having a 20% ship sale. Enjoy not just a discount on all ships, but fleet modules and ship upgrade tokens too!

For full details Click here!

Shard Maintenence Feb. 26, 2015
4 days ago · Weekly Server Maintenance · 0 Comments

Check out the latest exciting changes to Star Trek Online in our newest release notes

For full details Click here!

Bonus XP Weekend
5 days ago · ben@benk240690 · STO In-game Event · 0 Comments

The Delta Alliance has doubled their efforts to give Captains the necessary experience to deal with the Delta Quadrant. Captains will be able to enjoy twice the XP!

For full details Click here

Art of Command Ships
20th Feb · Dev Blog · 0 Comments

Learn about how we designed and created the latest ships to leave drydock! We outline the process from bringing the Command Ships to life in our latest developer blog

The ship team worked tirelessly to give you 9 amazing ships. They outdid themselves with the command ships and have made each faction ship have unique interchangeable parts with its counterpart command ships. Any command ship purchased will share parts with their faction’s other command ships. With 3 command ships available, there is an amazing amount of customization if you own all 3!

For full details Click here!

20% Weekend Lobi sale!
19th Feb · Lobi Sale · 0 Comments

The Lobi Crystal Consortium is pleased to announce their latest featured sale! Shrewd Captains will be able to select from most large ships and costumes for 20% off!

For full details Click here!

Shard Maintenence Feb. 19, 2015
19th Feb · Weekly Server Maintenance · 0 Comments

Cryptic will be performing their weekly maintenance today, here are a few notes;

Command Bridge Officer abilities now generate slightly more Inspiration per activation in solo and small groups and very slightly less when in a full 5 person team.

Reactive Nanite Screen, 4 piece bonus: Corrected a typo in this ability's tooltip to now correctly state that it causes 20% of incoming damage as hull healing instead of 50%.  There is no change to the ability, just the tooltip.

See full patch notes here!

Shuttle Weekend Event
18th Feb · STO In-game Event · 0 Comments

Quick captains, it's time to jump into your favourite shuttle and get to the frontlines! For a limited time only, we're hosting the Shuttle Weekend Event. From Thursday, February 19th at 10AM PDT to Monday, February 23rd at 10AM PDT, swarm your enemies in these small crafts!

For full details Click here

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Winters@winters83 11:09 AM
I would like to pass on my sincere condolences, and on behalf of the Fleet to the passing of Leonard Nimoy! But even though he is gone he will live on forever in our hearts. We shall always remember him as one of the greatest Star Trek legends!
De Ruyter@sig442 27th Feb
It seems we getting a Mr. Spock statue on Vulcan! (also the screenies can be found on this FB link) http://tinyurl.com/l27vjsa
WGonBurn@flail09 27th Feb
Well there goes the reboot with him me thinks.. RIP. Mr Speck, In this case the needs of the many will be ignored.
Squid@tandorichicken1 27th Feb
I can't bear to watch TOS now...
Lear@alchevsk1992 27th Feb
Yeah I just heard about it. Leonard Nimoy was THE best actor in the Star Trek Franchise that ever lived.
Jaecyn@jaecyn 27th Feb
Sad news today. RIP Spock. May your family live long and prosper.
Winters@winters83 26th Feb
The server is back up early!
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