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Your ship is receiving mass casualties while under attack. Members of your Senior Staff are seriously injured in sick bay. Which Medical Officer do you trust to save the day and everyone's lives?
Julian Bashir 7

Christine Chapel 0

Beverly Crusher 3

Phlox 3

Leonard McCoy 7

Alyssa Ogawa 0

The Doctor 18

Katherine Pulaski 0

38 votes
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Infected: Manus Advanced
0 Comments · 13 hours ago
STO will be bringing Infected: Manus Advanced down for repairs, and they hope to have a fix in by next weeks patch (Nov. 27 2017) They Thank you for our Patience!

Intrepid Ship and Bundles
3 Comments · 2 days ago
We're pleased to announce the full release of the new Tier 6 Intrepid Class Starship! Check out the Intrepid and all the amazing options available to Captains!

Fly The Intrepid!

5 hours ago sara@blindnhlref1
The build is up in the forum. I hope everyone likes it.
2 days ago Winters@winters83
Looking forward to it James! :)
2 days ago sara@blindnhlref1
Fleet I will be posting a special build for this starship this weekend.
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Club 47 is Ready for Business!
2 Comments · 2 days ago
Get FREE new Club Wear & a new Dance Emote during the grand reopening weekend of Club 47 on Earth Space Dock! This offer is for a Limited Time only!

Light up like a Christmas Tree NOW!

1 day ago sara@blindnhlref1
Sally Struthers looks sexy in her club wear. She needs a date this weekend at Club 47. Who wants to have bacon and dance?
2 days ago sara@blindnhlref1
I can't wait to look like a disco ball under the disco ball. Sara and Megan are going to look like a blast from the past. 2370's style
Shard Maintenence Nov. 20, 2014
0 Comments · 2 days ago
Here are some highlights from Today's (Nov. 20, 2014) Patch

  • New updated Club 47 re-opens it's doors.
  • Free Club wear outfit for both Male & Female. Only wearable at ESD, Risa, Fleet starbases and Drozana station
  • After event outfits & New emote (Shuffle dance) will cost 250,000 GPL each

  • Resolved issue which would occasionally cause a crash during cut scenes
  • Pet cats have updated run animations

  • Updated the Battle of Korfez PvE Queue
  1. Added a failure reward for completing the gate check but then failing at any other part of the queue.
  • Updated rewards for Fleet Actions queues to the following
  • Updated Stranded in Space so an Orion Dreadnought spawns if a five-player team enters the mission
  • The Federation tutorial missions can no longer be shared. (these were not intended to be shared)

  • Skill Points earned via completing missions and defeating NPCs have been updated.
  • Attached the correct FX to many Thoron Infused Polaron space weapons which were previously using incorrect FX

Click here for full Patch Notes!

Intrepid Interior
1 Comments · 3 days ago
The new Intrepid to be released is full of opportunities, including an expansive set of interiors from both the 2371 Intrepid and the 2410 Voyager!

Check out the Interior here.

3 days ago sara@blindnhlref1
Does it have a station only for scanning for coffee? There is coffee in that nebula!
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Actor Interviews
0 Comments · 3 days ago
Hailing all Fleet members,
Have you missed any of the Exclusive interview's with Actors;
  1. Tuvok (Tim Russ)
  2. Neelix (Ethan Phillips)
  3. Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan)
  4. The Doctor (Robert Picardo)
  5. Harry Kim (Garrett Wang)

If so click on one that you have missed.

Livestream of the reopening of Club 47!
1 Comments · 4 days ago
Club 47 is back & more stylish than ever! Join us this Friday 11/21 with Special Guest Dev Nick 'TacoFangs' Duguid as we explore the hottest club in the galaxy!

Enter Club 47 now!

3 days ago sara@blindnhlref1
If they serve Zima I will be all over that place. Disco and Zima what a party you can have
Intrepid class Starship
2 Comments · 5 days ago
We pleased to announce the newest lineup of the famed Intrepid class star ship! The Delta Quadrant was explored by the USS Voyager and no ship is better suitable!

Click here for the Intrepid

3 days ago sara@blindnhlref1
He will have to invite us to his bridge.
5 days ago Winters@winters83
Looks like Cryptie got his wish! :D lol
Club 47 Opening Soon!
3 Comments · 14th Nov
STO are pleased to announce that Earth Spacedock's Club 47 will be opening its doors soon! Looking for fun and excitement? Turn up the music and enjoy your shore leave!

Join the party!

6 days ago Treroar@trevilx2
I hope it has a dance dance mod
14th Nov Jaecyn@jaecyn
Finally! SOME people still owe me a night on the town!
14th Nov sara@blindnhlref1
Ah....Disco in the 25th Century!
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Research and Development weekend
0 Comments · 14th Nov
Captains! Get ready for the Research and Development Weekend! Earn all sorts of extra rewards such as Dilithium and Catalysts this weekend!

Click here while it lasts!

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two@Cryptiecop 22nd Nov
http://www.twitch.tv/perfectwo ... _community/c/5542114 28:16 timestamp for my Matrix Ghost character and Trendy saying OH MY GOD !!!
two@Cryptiecop 21st Nov
Tacofangs said my Matrix Wraith Brother was CREEPY ... ROFL
Lear@alchevsk1992 20th Nov
well this is bull, the launcher patch is stuck at 90.9%
sara@blindnhlref1 19th Nov
i might have to have Sara and Megan try on their little black dresses.
Jaecyn@jaecyn 19th Nov
C47 outing needs to be planned! Who's taking me for a night out!
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